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Winter Health and Fitness Week 

All you need to promote winter active living. Ideas and social media posts.

Chandra and kids.jpg

Chandra Crawford - Olympic Gold Medalist

"Nothing makes me feel better than making sure my kids and I get fresh air outside in our lungs. We don't need to go out for long, we dress warmly, and I often give the kids treats outside so they're having positive associations with outside time. And tobogganing is just great exercise and fun for all... that's my personal favourite family winter activity."

Marty Deacon - Senator

"Get outside, enjoy this beautiful winter weather and activity. Staying healthy, staying active is so important especially during these times.  See you out there!"

Marty skiing.jpg

Chantal Petitclerc - Senator

This year, let’s embrace our wonderful winter and all it has to offer.

Skiing, skating or going for a long walk.

There is no limit to what we can do to enjoy the season: Feel better, be healthier.

Get out there! Be active!

Nancy Greene Raine - Former Senator and Olympic Gold Medalist

"We know that physical activity helps us cope with the mental challenges of this pandemic. Fitness can be walking in your neighbourhood or heading to the hills. Just take the first step and the rest will follow!"


Bev Busson - Senator

Senator Busson supports the Winter Health and Fitness Week by skiing with her husband at Sun Peaks.  The Senator believes that fitness is key to positive change in mind, body and soul.

Kim Pate - Senator

"In these challenging times physical activity is an accessible and fun way to not just cope, but to thrive.  Daily walks with our ever enthusiastic border collie, Rodney,  (preferably along the banks of the beaut Kitchissippi or in a quiet wood) helps me clear my mind and raise my spirit. Stay safe by keeping your distance, but keep moving!"

Kim Pate.jpg

Éric Forest - Senator

« Malgré les mesures de confinement, il est toujours possible de profiter des activités de plein air pour entretenir notre santé physique et mentale. Sortons prendre l’air, admirons nos paysages et célébrons l’hiver. Profitons de la Semaine hivernale de la santé et de la forme physique pour redécouvrir les bénéfices de l’activité physique, notamment en ce qui a trait à la réduction du stress et à la prolongation de notre autonomie. »

Russ Brown - Supreme Court Justice

  “For me, there’s no better way to beat the COVID blues than to get active in our beautiful Canadian winter wilderness!”

Russ Brown.jpg

Rob Black - Senator

"While we are facing new challenges this winter, we must remember how important physical activity is for both our physical and mental health."

Catherine McKenna - Former Minister of Infrastructure and Communities

“As a mom and an athlete, being active and ensuring my kids take care of their mental and physical health is important to me. I encourage everyone who is able to get outdoors in your neighbourhood and embrace Health and Fitness Week. Whether it’s cross country skiing on the SJAM Trail, going for a walk in the neighbourhood or skating on the canal, there are many COVID-safe ways to get outside in Ottawa and enjoy winter right now!”

Catherine Skiing.jpg

Dr. Robert Kitchen - Member of Parliament

"Winter exercise.... Get’r Done"

Anthony Housefather - Member of Parliament

“It is really important to stay fit and to keep working out even during a pandemic period. While many options are closed due to local restrictions I strongly encourage everyone to get out there and take advantage of the Canadian winter and embrace winter sports that are permitted in your province or territory. Stay safe and stay fit.”


Lucie Moncion - Senator

"Durant la semaine Hivernale de la Santé et de la Forme Physique. Soyez actif, c’est le temps de profiter des joies de l'hiver. During this Winter Health and Fitness Week. Be active, now is the time to experience winter in all its wonder."

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