Looking for a way to celebrate National Health and Fitness Day. Check out events near you below:

Events on the Hill

The Parliamentary Fitness Initiative is a non partisan project that encourages MPs and Senators to take care of their personal fitness and act as role models for their constituents by running, walking and/or swimming together on a weekly basis in Ottawa. 

For more information on their initiatives, click here.

National Events

National Health and Fitness Day inspires people and communities across the country to host events, to offer 'try-it' days, or to open their facilities for free.  Check out the list of events taking place across the country.

Event Calendar

Proclaimed communities across the country will host events on June 3rd to 'mark the day'.

Find out what is going on in your town by checking out Facebook, your municipal website, and / or our google calendar.

Check out our calendar here.

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